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It all started in elementary school when I would shoot short films with my friends in the small town of Grandview Heights, Ohio.  We would run around town with our family's camcorder and simply capture things that made us laugh.  Eventually this same group of friends grew up to become the creative staff for our high school's news show where we would produce things that made our entire school laugh.  When it finally came time to depart from my small town I decided to pursue a degree in Electronic Media and Film from Capital University where I learned the fundamentals of video production and began creating content for local companies and small businesses.  Before I knew it, video production had consumed my entire life and I was creating projects so frequently that I was able to create my own production company to create content for a wide range of companies across the country.  That is when I decided to begin my first international project where I moved to Dublin, Ireland and traveled through Europe shooting a mini travel series for a study abroad company.  It was during this time that I realized my passion for filmmaking was becoming much more than an occupation, it was now a life calling.  The moment I returned from my time in Europe I quickly searched for the perfect place to go next where I could learn, improve, and perfect my craft.  That is precisely when I made the decision to attend Wake Forest University's Documentary Filmmaking program where I would pursue my Master's of Fine Arts.  Now I find myself in the middle of a documentary film Renaissance with a camera in my hands, prepared to create video content for a wide spectrum of clientele.